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Dr. Neena Diagnostic Centre

Dr. Neena Diagnostic Center is a state-of-the-art diagnostic center located in Lucknow. Our aim is to provide the highest quality diagnostic services to the community with the latest technology and equipment. Our services include , CT Scan, X-Ray, Ultrasound, ECG, Pathology Test and many other diagnostic tests. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to ensuring that each patient receives the best care possible. Whether you’re coming in for a routine check-up or need specialized diagnostic services, We are here to provide you with the care you need, in a friendly and comfortable environment

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  • Home Pickup
  • Correct Report
  • Discount to Sr. Citizen 

Our Facilities

  • X-RAY
  • ECG
  • TMT
  • PFT

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  • PCR

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Try to schedule appointments that are in the same general area on the same day. This will save on time and expense. make sure you are scheduling appointment according to your time flexibility.

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Our Values

Dr. Neena Diagnostic Center places a great deal of importance as long as value orientation and facilitation is at hand. Our philosophy and approach reflects the utmost possible favors and advantages for all our clients and their families. The services that we provision combines best aspects of the healthcare system at large, the environment that currently pervades and the attitude that we bring to the entire predicament.

Dr. Neena Diagnostic is fully committed to give to you the highest value of life. This extends to the apparently full-fledged use of everything concerning all things in ensuring the best form of health and well-being for everyone in terms of services. These services carry all our values with significant portion and allowances across the board.

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Our Expertise Team

 Our experts aim to deliver Good Quality care to every patient at an affordable cost through comprehensive Integrated clinical practices, medical Innovation, and lifelong learning. We are dedicated to meet the needs of our patient, staff, and nation. we work with years of experience and specialized knowledge.

Dr. Muneeruddin Pathologist

Mr. O P Srivastava

Dr. Shachi Dixit Pathalogist

Why People Trust Us

 Working as a quality-oriented professional with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

Sample collection from your home with your appointment.

Sharing the health report within 24hours on mail or WhatsApp

On-call health expert consultation

Affordable customize health packages according to your need.

On a video call Personalized Unique Diet Report & consultation.

We give 100% Accuracy in our health report and our report is accepted by all hospitals and doctors..

Latest Case Studies

More specifically, our diagnostic case studies are case studies that focus exclusively on the identification, classification, and understanding of disease.

What People Say About Us

The way Dr. Neena Diagnostics kept me at ease during the sample collection process, the way they supported me to be at my convenience and confidence is really something I’ll always remember. They were also flawless in maintaining the hygiene. Hats off to them!”

-Ms. Pallavi


” Visited for my upper abdomen USG. It was done by Doctor. Very humble and soft spoken staff, good professional explained very satisfactorily. A satisfying experience. The staff is also very polite. Well kept hygienically. Suggest if they could install some soft music for the waiting area lobby to keep the patients calm. Keep up the good work. God Speed… “

“Nice place very satisfied with the working and cooperation of staff members as well as the doctors . Their team work was awesome felt so comfortable fully satisfied with their results .”
Geetanjali Pahwa
“I had a great experience at Dr. Neena Diagnostic Centre. The place is clean and very well maintained. Doctors are professional and very friendly. Every step of the procedure was very well explained to me which made me highly comfortable. Even the staff is superbly trained! I would highly recommend this Centre and the doctors! ”
Shraddha Durgan
“Very professional, I would say reports are accurate. Right from collection the blood samples and till the report were shared everything was on time as committed . I would highly recommend Dr. Neena Diagnostic Centre. ”
Tanu Srivastava

Our Head Department

We have a core team of specialist doctors at Dr. Neena Diagnostic Centre, with a collective experience of more than a 50 years.

Dr. ( Brig,) Pradeep Srivastava


Dr. Roly Srivastava


Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

 Diagnostic tests help doctors gain information they need to make treatment decisions. Depending on the disease, this could include identifying the strain of bacteria causing a patient’s infection as well as verifying whether certain antibiotics are appropriate for treating an illness. Information gained from diagnostic tests can also help to prevent an outbreak or spread of diseases in the community—something that is particularly important in medical research settings.